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Keplr is a non-custodial blockchain wallets for web pages that allow users to interact with blockchain applications.

Keplr Wallet is the first, and leading, IBC-enabled wallet for the Cosmos ecosystem. Stake your tokens, start using blockchain apps, and manage tokens in just one wallet.

Why Keplr?

Private keys are stored locally. This removes the friction and risk of web pages having to manage user private keys safely and securely.

As the user's private key is not managed by the website, users do not have to worry about the level of security of the website. The user only has to trust the security guarantees of Keplr, and freely interact with various web applications as they wish (and verify the contents of the transaction).

Keplr can easily connect to libraries such as CosmJS, simplifying the process of connecting web pages to blockchains.

::: danger Warning Keplr extension is officially supported only on Chrome❗ It can also be used on Brave, but some features may be unavailable. It isn’t possible to use Keplr extension from mobile.

Pay attention to the websites you connect your Keplr wallet to and only download Keplr from the official website or from the link you can find in this tutorial. The same principle applies to any other wallet.

No one from Cosmos and Keplr team will ever write you in a DM asking to validate your wallet or type your mnemonics: Please be careful of scammers and if you need help always use public channels. You are your own bank: help us in assisting you in keeping it safe. :::